Dynamic Growth in Hispanic and Latino Purchasing Power- Florida

June 28, 2011

Florida’s Hispanic/Latino Market

The demographics of Florida is undergoing a dynamic change!

The Hispanic Population is growing 6 times faster than non-Hispanics in the State!

Demographers have speculated that Florida will have a Hispanic majority by the year 2030.

Highlights of Hispanic Growth in Florida:

  • National Hispanic buying power in 2010: $1 Trillion
  • Florida Hispanic buying power:  $107 Billion
  • Hispanics are the fastest growing consumer sector in FL.

 Hispanics are the largest minority in Florida (2009). 

 There are currently 4,223,806 Hispanics residing in FL.

 Hispanics contributed nearly 55 percent of the population growth in Florida!

 Most dramatic growth in Hispanic population occurred along the I-4 corridor (69% since 2000)

The growth rate of the Hispanic population in that 10 year span was the most significant growth in Florida.